May 15

Professor receives blessings from the King of the Wanga Kingdom

The arrival of a US based Kenyan law practitioner cum don Professor George Luchiri Wajackoyah on Sunday 25th of April 2010 at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi almost brought business to a standstill at the busiest and largest airport in East and Central Africa.

The 2012 Kenyan presidential hopeful and whose profile was first highlighted by Luvei Times arrived to a thunderous reception by supporters who thronged the airport drawn from all over the country numbering about three thousand. Even though he had wished to have his visit private, the media was allover him trying to get any kind of leakage concerning his coming back and his presidential aspiration.

The former special branch officer served during former president Moi’s reign in power but was forced to exile for twenty years in both Britain and the US following substantial evidence he held over the disappearance and subsequent murder of former foreign affairs minister Dr. Robert Ouko. He is among the few witnesses living as most of the key witnesses have since died with “dark backgrounds”. Wajackoyah fled the country in early 90s after wrongfully brushing shoulders with the might in Moi’s regime. To date, he is believed to be the one to crack the late Ouko’s murder riddle.

Professor Wajackoyah traveled to his native home in Matungu constituency, Mumias district where his main activity among others was to pay a courtesy call to His Royal Highness Nabongo Peter Mumia II, king of the wanga Kingdom at his official residence at Mwiboma area in Mumias town. He also met Her Royal Highness Mrs. Lilian Mumias, wife of His Royal Highness King Nabongo Peter Mumia II, King of Wanga Kingdom, Luhya Kenya. The King's wife was also the Professor's teacher at City High School; 1978.

Prior to this very important visit, Prof. Wajackoyah had a moment of tearful joy with his immediate family members having not been at home for two decades. They were not only happy to see each other but also touch and feel if the reunion was real. The Professor then proceeded to register as a voter near his home. This was a mileage on his ambition for presidency in the 2012 election.

The king who heads one of the oldest surviving pre-colonial monarchies in Africa held lengthy discussions with the Professor which bordered on his ambitions to lead Kenya after the retirement of the incumbent Mwai Kibaki and lauded his unmatched determination of saving Kenya from perpetual corruption and general poor leadership. He was advised to avoid confrontation type of campaign that has rooted in Kenyan politics. On his part, Prof. Wajackoyah promised the King to honor and respect his monarchy as well as highlight about it in the international forums.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had shown what it is to show respect to the Toro Kingdom in Uganda. The teenage Toro King ceremony was attended by Museveni and his government as well as representative from Libya and other countries. His Royal Highness Nabongo Peter Mumia II was in attendance. During the Kenyan version no government official attended.

The Professor also visited the Hare Krishna Temple in Nairobi where he reminisced on how he was rescued from the harsh streets of Nairobi as a parking boy by the Hare Krishna in the seventies where he was sheltered and given food. Ram Lal Sharma, of City High School offered to pay part time tuition at his school. In return, the professor was to assist as a handyman, cleaning the school, washing his host's cars and substituting as watchman during weekends. The professor spent his nights in the classroom during the duration of his schooling. He was humbled to return back to the place that modeled his young upbring to the man he is now and thank and thanked the Hare Krishna for being so kind to him when he had nothing to call his own.


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